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~*Know Ur Gangs*~

~*Chicago Gangs*~

Latin Kings
Vice Lords
18th Street
Vatos Locos
Chi-Town Crews
D.C. Crews

Chicago is a warehouse of gangs. From small white boy crews to big Latino crews, there is everytype of gang one could even dream of. Many gangs also got their start in "Chi-Town," for example the Latin Kings originated in Chicago.

The Almighty Latin Kings Nation:
Also known as: LK's, ALKs,LKN, ALKN, ALKQN
Part of the People Nation
Include the Latin Queens
Insane Unknowns:
Undercover Kings (UK)
Part of the People Nation
Formed to protect the drug dealings of the Latin Kings
(Insane) Latin Jivers
Insane LJ's, LJ's, J's, 12-10's,LJN
Part of the Folk Nation
Humboldt Park, West Side Chi-town
Spanish Lords
Colors are Black and Red
Part of the People Nation
Dates back to the 1960's
Gay Lords:
Part of the People Nation
This gang is mostly white
Known as: GL's, GLN
Black & Gray or Black & Blue

Chi West:
People Nation
Mostly white in ethnicity
Dates back to the 50's and early 60's
Latin Counts:
Also part of the People Nation
One of the oldest gangs
Colors are Black & Red
Latin Dragons:
Created by former Latin Kings
Part of the Folk Nation
The diamond is a symbol of the gang

Gangster Disciples:
Mostly black
The Black Cobras and BossPimps are branches of GD
Folk Nation
King Cobras
All ethnicities
Part of the Folk Nation
Similar to the Insane Spanish Cobras