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~*Know Ur Gangs*~

~*Vice Lords*~

Latin Kings
Vice Lords
18th Street
Vatos Locos
Chi-Town Crews
D.C. Crews

The Vice Lords are said to have begun in 1958 in the St. Charles juvenile Correctional facility by a group of kids from around 16th st on the west side of Chicago.

Although there are many sets, all incorporate emblems with a bunny wearing a bow tie, a Martini Glass, a Top Hat, Cane, Gloves, Dollar Sign, 5 Point Star and a Crescent Moon.

The Vice Lords is the oldest street gang in Chicago. Members are predominantly African American. The Vice Lords comprises major factions such as the Conservative Vice Lords, Traveling Vice Lords, and Four Corner Hustlers. Each faction has distinct membership and leadership that is not as structured as the Gangster Disciples. The Vice Lords' drug trafficking networks operate in Chicago, neighboring counties, and surrounding states.

Branches include the Conservative Vice Lords, Unknown Vice Lords,Insane Vice Lords, Renegade Vice Lords, Mafia Insane Vice Lords,Cicero Insane Vice Lords, Spanish Vice Lords, Traveler Vice Lords,Outlaw Lunatic Travelor VLs, Ebony VLs,Gangster Stone VLs, Imperial Insane VLs and the Undertaker Vice Lords and 4vl's. In prison the 4 Corner Hustlers are associated with the Vice Lords.