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~*Know Ur Gangs*~

~*Almighty Latin Kings Nation*~

Latin Kings
Vice Lords
18th Street
Vatos Locos
Chi-Town Crews
D.C. Crews

Like many gangs, the Latin Kings started out as barrio crew that steadily grew to gang status.

The Latin Kings are a predominatly Hispanic gang, with many Puerto Ricans involved in it. Unlike many gangs who have many leaders in different factions, the Latin Kings are united under a single leader. LK has also broken the racial barrier, just like Mara Salvatrucha and the 18th Street Gang.

King Eddie aka Lord Bomba, the Latin Kings have become known as one of the most violent and most organized gangs around. After King Eddie was killed, the leadership was taken up by an unnamed king and Lord Gino.

It isn't uncommon for the leader and another member to execute one for disrespecting the crown of the kings. Once you become a King or Queen, you are "crowned" for life.

a day goes by that we don't represent
Throwing up the crown with all our love.
Shouting "Amor de Rey" until we die.
To the Almighty Father up above.
Busting out in our hood's,
Keeping the love alive.
Never letting flakes disrespect our emblems
That we made with so much pride.
But as all of this is happening,
We are getting stronger and stronger.
Each day watching shorties join
As the older boys retire their flag.
But as one king drop his flag,
There is a shorty there to pick it up.
As the older boys pass that flag,
From an old hand to a new one.
He will give him some wise advice.
"Keep this flag in your heart and never let it die."
"Respect and honor this crown for it I once did."
"Die for this crown, as other Kings/Queens did."
"Never take a bro or sis name that died with respect,
Not unless you're willing to die like he/she did.
Like a true King/Queen dies in the battle field."
Remember those who died.
Go to their grave and shed no tears
Bring them some big ass flowers,
Tell them that they didn't die in vain!!!
Dedicated to those who died and those who passed
The crown form hand to hand and those who still
Keep the Love alive...