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~*Know Ur Gangs*~

~*Washington D.C. Gangs*~

Latin Kings
Vice Lords
18th Street
Vatos Locos
Chi-Town Crews
D.C. Crews

Washington D.C. also known as "the District of Crime" or "the Dirty City" to its younger residents is also a place where gangs reside and get their start. There are a mix of black and latino crews/gangs in the D.C. area.

Street Thug Criminals:
Red bandana is their identification
Also known as STC
Rivals of MS-13
Mara Salvatrucha 13
5,000 in the DC area
Originated in Los Angeles
Colors are black bandana
La Raza
Initials "LR"
Folk Nation symbols

Bloods & Crips
Well known
Blue and Red
Originated in LA
Black Gangster Disciples
Latin Kings
See Chi-Town Crews
Surenos 13